Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is The PetDen?

A – The PetDen is a new grooming service for your dogs. We have a team of highly-trained groomers ready to groom your dog while you shop; although it may not be necessary, we would recommend booking to avoid disappointment during busy times.  We have lots of grooming services on offer and our team have a wealth of knowledge.

We also offer crate care for your dog while you are shopping so you can shop with the knowledge that your dog is safe and comfortable. According to statistics we read, more than 7% of the UK’s stolen pets are taken outside of a supermarket! And as we all know, leaving dogs in hot cars carries a very real risk so do drop your dogs into us instead.

Q – Why should we choose The PetDen?

A – Come and find out for yourselves! We would welcome you to pop in for a visit and we will happily show you around. We hope you will love our state-of-the-art cabins; we use the very best products and our team are highly trained. Manager Liane Shield is trained by Marie Burns (Crufts 2016 Winner) and all of our team are crazy dog lovers who will love your dogs as if they’re our own. We have years of experience and knowledge and you (and your dog!) can be assured of the very best service. We can’t promise your dogs will want to leave though…

Q – Where can I find you?

A – In the car park of Tesco Extra, Brunton Lane, Kingston Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 2FP

Q – How do I book?

A – Please click on our ‘book now’ link on Facebook, request an appointment through our website (www.thepetden.com) or call our team on 07904526582

Q – What are the costs?

A – Please refer to our menu posted on social media and our website for our grooming prices. A member of our team will also be more than happy to give you the exact cost but generally we determine the price of a groom by the service chosen, the height of the dog and the type of coat.  We will need a face-to-face consultation to determine the final price as the condition the coat is a factor and we may have to charge more for heavily matted coats.

Our crate care service is £5 per hour with a maximum stay of three hours (one hour maximum for puppies).

Q – What is crate care?

A – In our climate controlled, high security cabins, we have crates of all sizes and there are even crates big enough for your giant best friend. All crates are supplied with clean vet bed and fresh water and both cabins are maintained at a suitable temperature. Our cabins have CCTV linking them and all entry doors are kept locked given staff control over access. We take the health and safety of your dogs very seriously and each dog will be given toilet breaks and lots of love from our crazy dog-loving team.

Q – Why should we use crate care?

A – Our crate care service is provided for the welfare of dogs; we understand that not everyone has the option to leave their dog at home unattended or you may not have time in your busy schedule to go home between school runs, gym trips, shopping or any other number of day-to-day chores. Some dogs also suffer from separation anxiety but whatever the reason, we hope you will leave your dog in our safe hands so you can relax on your shopping trip.

Q – Do you have to have your dog groomed to use the crate service?

A – Absolutely not! Please feel free to use any of our services as and when you need

Q – What will be done to prevent fleas, kennel cough etc. being passed on from one dog to another?

A – Please be assured that we have rigorous procedures in place and to prevent issues the spread of diseases such as fleas and kennel cough, our groomers carry out initial health checks at the time of the dog’s arrival (for both grooming and crate care) and we keep records for all dogs. If any dog presents signs of infection or infestation we will recommend the appropriate care from a professional and rebook their appointment to ensure that the airborne disease doesn’t carry to other dogs. We have stringent hygiene and cleaning procedures in place to help prevent parvo and other infectious diseases. No dog will come into contact with any other dog so that no ectoparasites can be passed around.

Q – What about security?

A – Both cabins have CCTV throughout and outside and every entrance door has controlled access; we also have safety gates; no members of the public can walk in and out of our cabins and we even control access to reception to ensure all dogs are kept separate. We take the health and safety of all dogs very seriously and have rigorous processes in place to plan for any event; all our groomers will be first aid trained by a veterinary nurse, we are known to the nearest veterinary hospital and have emergency contact details readily available.